Today's Featured Rates

30 Year Fixed Rate
 Rate  APR  Points
 4.000%  4.026%  0.000%
15 Year Fixed Rate
 Rate  APR  Points
 3.250%  3.295%  0.000%
5/5 Affordable ARM
 Rate  APR  Points
 3.375%  3.561%  0.000%
5/1 ARM
 Rate  APR  Points
 3.000%  3.428%  1.000%
 3.125%  3.392%  0.000%
Home Equity
10 Year Fixed Rate Second
 Rate  APR  Points
 5.250%  5.292%  0.000%
15 Year Fixed Rate Second
 Rate  APR  Points
 5.750%  5.780%  0.000%
Primo Home Equity Line of Credit
 Rate  APR  Points
 6.500%  6.500%  0.000%

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